Cushion Cut 2ct Moissanites Ring, Double Halo Pink Pave Set Bridal Set

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Engagement Ring -
❤ Matal Type: Solid 14k Gold.
❤ Center Stone: Esdomera Moissanite
❤ Center Carat Weight: Cushion Cut 2.00ct (7.5mm)
❤ Color: DEF
❤ Clarity: VVS1
❤ Side Stones: Pink Sapphire & Esdomera Moissanites (Color: EF, Clarity: VVS1)
Wedding Band - 
❤ Matal Type: Solid 14k Gold.
❤ Stone: Esdomera Moissanites (EF, VVS1)
❤ Color/ Clarity: DEF/ VVS1
❤ Accessories:
*Shipped with Certificate and beautiful ring box;
*Certificate - Warranty & VIP card from Esdomera;
*Directly price from Manufacturer, 1/3 the price from Jewelry Store;
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