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    How to choose affordable diamond alternatives?

    How to choose affordable diamond alternatives?

    In 1893, when Dr. Henri Moissan was examining samples of meteor that came from outer space thousands of years ago, he first discover a little crystal gem. At first he regarded this new mineral gemstone as diamond which is absolutely similar to a diamond no matter in appearance and physical performance. It was later proved and named as Moissanite in honor of his name. 

    Due to its supreme hardness, Moissanite was first applied in industrial field instead of jewelry field. It was since 1995, a Moissanite supplier have it patented and introduced it to jewelry market. It can be created in bigger size with excellent brilliance and color. After that, as year goes by, Moissanite gain more and more popularity as a gemstone in alternative to diamond. Now more and more people have Moissanite rings as their first choice of Moissanite engagement rings, Moissanite wedding set, Moissanite earrings, which is even being popular among celebrities in recent years. As you can find Moissanite jewelry anywhere online, offline and some of your friends are even wearing them. Generally speaking, the popularity of Moissanite can be attribute to the following reasons: 

    Amazing Features Similar to Diamond 

    As it’s known to most of us, Moissanite jewelry is regarded as an alternative to diamond jewelry, which has similar features as diamond jewelry do. Though it was first regarded as “diamond simulant”, but it can be much more to it, than other simulated diamond can’t do. For example, Moissanite was shinning like a real diamond with perfect brilliance and fire which is almost the same or even more than same as real diamond, but other simulated diamonds such as cubic zircon or Swarovski would be recognized by the first site, due to its “fake” brilliance.


    Supreme Hardness & Durability 

    Another reason of Moissanite rings are being more and more popular, same feature as diamond rings, are a symbol of eternal love. The hardness of Moissanite makes it only second to diamond in nature world, which would make it shiny forever and ever. The durability is under more and more praised especially as an advertisement strategy.


    Affordable Price for Carat Weight 

    If you were wondering, why people are crazy about a diamond similar stone? You need to look as diamond’s exaggerating price would you make you bankruptcy by getting a carat weight diamond jewelry. However, the brilliant gemstone Moissanite can fulfill your carat dream by affordable which is nearly 1/10 of a real diamond does.


    If you are planning to buy Moissanite jewelry, then online shopping from some professional merchant is your first choice. Esdomera, a professional jewelry manufacturer who has over 20 years of experience in jewelry, who now is dedicating on affordable Moissanite jewelry, and cheap Moissanite rings, who can offer you biggest discount and best service with supreme quality.

    Tips for Repairing Moissanite Ring

    Tips for Repairing Moissanite Ring

    Moissanite, a rare gemstone grown in lab, originally came from meteor thousands of years ago, it’s now being applied in jewelry field. It was originally too small to use in jewelry application, however, it was finally researched and created by scientists. Due to Moissanite looks similar to diamond, it was regarded as simulated diamond by many people. However, in fact, it is more brilliant and durable than other gemstone such as rubies and sapphires. What’s more, its quality is supreme to some extent because of its extremely high hardness. Even though Moissanite is in high quality, some people might worry about the maintenance of Moissanite rings, now the following repairing tips are for your reference if you are planning to buy Moissanite jewelry.

    1. Contact with the Moissanite seller in advanced, ask them about the warranty. Most sellers/merchants provide a life-long warranty of Moissanite, and free maintenance for general issues occurs to the ring you are buying. If the ring turns cloudy or its appearance is altered from its original state. In a case like that, you can get a free replacement or repairmen when it happens;

    2. Before you buy Moissanite jewelry, please check if the merchant provide you authentic blue card certificate which is authorized by Moissanite manufacturer. Only when you can have an authentic certificate, you can make sure that your Moissanite jewelry would be possibly real Moissanite with life performance of brilliance.

    3. Go to jewelry counter or examination center when you get Moissanite rings at the first time, which would have a rough test for your piece of Moissanite ring. Mostly, the place with a simple test could be somewhere you can get a basic repair. If the test result proves positively, you don’t need to worry about it, otherwise, you need to return back or ask the merchant for a test result from authorized examination center.

    Most importantly, finding a qualified Moissanite specialized merchant would be the first thing to do when you are planning to buy Moissanite rings. Esdomera.com, a qualified manufacturer and famous merchant in Moissanite jewelry field, who is not only providing cheap Moissanite rings but also provide perfect services and life-time warranty for Moissanite jewelry.

    How is Moissanite Created?

    How is Moissanite Created?

    If you happen to know something about Moissanite, or you have a Moissanite engagement ring, you might be interested in this question – How is Moissanite Created?

    The first Moissanite stone was discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan, when he was examining samples from meteor crater in Arizona in 1893. At the first sight, he thought that it was diamond, because it looks perfectly and shinny as a diamond does. However, the Moissanite he discovered is natural ones, which you can barely seen the meteor hit the canyon every day. Then after lab experiment and industrial application, Moissanite was first introduced to jewelry market in 1998. In the past years, it is becoming more and more popular as a substitute/alternative of diamond jewelry, which is even called as Moissanite diamonds. Hence, topics like “Moissanite vs diamond” is under heat discussion.

    When Moissanite was under research and synthesized, its unique structure is one of the element that makes it a magnificent discovery. That Moissanite has more than many polymorphs, almost about 100 polymorphs, each of which has unique and different structure. Researched by chemists, in the very beginning, if a 6H polytype (a crystal with 6 double layers of stoms) could be synthesized, a gem-like quality silicon carbide can be done.

    In 1955, a chemist develop a process that similar to process nowadays, which vaporized and condensed silicon-carbide without going through a liquid state. However, this process has a disadvantage that is it cannot be controlled for its impurities when it’s at 2500 degree Celsius, which make the crystal not pure and clear enough. Then later in 1990, when a chemist developed the process by heating silicon-cabide at 2300 degree Celsius in a vacuum environment, the it was cooled to 2200 degree in a low press argon, which is very similar to process nowadays.

    Several years later, a professor from North Carolina improved the process into cultivating more pure, larger single crystals, who is from a LED semiconductor company. In 1995, Moissanite was created by lab growing and synthezied from Charles & Colvard (the only patented company of manufacturing Moissanite) , then it was introduced to the market of jewelry field. Since then, more and more Moissanite are grown and developed, with better clarity, color and quality.

    Moissanite jewelry is becoming a popular choice for engagement and wedding, range from Moissanite ring, wedding set, Moissanite Earrings and other kinds of jewelry.

    Moissanite Appears in Exhibition Show!

    Moissanite Appears in Exhibition Show!

    For the first time ever, at the 26th annual Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, NC, a showcase of Moissanite jewelry including Moissanite rings, Moissanite earrings, Moissanite bracelets, Moissanite pendants as well as Moissanite bridal sets. The collection of Moissanite jewelry is in pretty unique designs of antique, classic, fashion, luxurious as brilliant as diamond jewelry, or can we say, more brilliant than diamond once. The show up of Moissanite appeals thousands of visitors in the show, who were extremely interested in this gem after the elaboration of its education info.

    By attending the big show, Moissanite jewelry is the first to show up in an exhibition, which symbolizes the Moissanite is widely accepted and welcomed as a unique lab grown gemstone that appeared in jewelry field in recent decades.  President and Chief Marketing Officer of the show, Dennis Reed said; “It’s always exciting to bring Moissanite jewelry to the exhibition that is a perfect match with the popularity.  It is a good timing and opportunity to educate thousands of women about the most brilliant gemstone in the world.”  

    Some people may say, Moissanite is man-made diamond which is similar to zircon or other kinds of diamond simulant, that they may misunderstood by misled from some diamond jewelers. Because Moissanite is qualified gemstone in rarity that even under lab-grown, the quantity of Moissanite is limited and somehow as rare as a real diamond. Second, the eternity of Moissanite is much more beyond all kinds of diamond simulant can be compared to. What’s more, Moissanite is not marketed to diamond field or diamond simulant from the very beginning and it was accepted and recognized as a brilliant gemstone with eternity and different specifications from diamond.

    Moissanite’s brilliant beauty and quality was first discovered in a rare meteor examination more than 110 years ago.  Discovered in 1893 by French Scientist, Dr. Henri Moissan (a Nobel Prize winner), Moissanite was first found in a meteor crater located in Arizona, which is rare enough and never been found before about this meterial.  However, these natural Moissanite stones were too small to applied in jewelry pieces. After almost a century, the advanced technology and craftsmanship make the lab-grown Moissanite possible and available nowadays in jewelry field, leading a new revolution of jewelry gemstones. In some specific markets, Moissanite is even called as “Moissanite diamond” as marketing strategy to embody the supreme quality of Moissanite.

    Moissanite is becoming more and more popular in the fashion industry, which you can find it in the news, in newspapers, fashion forums, Moissanite is regarded as leading a new kind of lifestyle and trends when it worn by celebrities, executives, socially conscious women and even influential businessmen.

    Having more info from Esdomera.com, with hundreds of Moissanite jewelry in various designs, fashion styles and supreme quality.

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    What is the best substitute of diamond?

    What is the best substitute of diamond?

    Have you ever been searching for diamond rings or jewelry, but finally gave up due to the unaffordable price? Most people had this kind of experience, finally going away from diamond jewelry to look for some diamond simulant jewelry, such as Swarovski or cubic zircon. However, if you do so, you should have a better choice, that is Moissanite – a lab grown gemstone which is the best alternative to diamond.

    Though it might cause a misconception that Moissanite is a fake diamond or diamond simulant as cubic zircon. Actually, Moissanite its own value have been exceeded the value of diamond stimulants, which you can easily tell from its shinning outlook and eternal quality. The most unbelievable thing when you first meet Moissanite ring is that, you can never tell it from eyes, even by simple tools. The hardness of Moissanite is second to diamond only, which makes it possible for eternal brilliance.

    Affordable Price

    Moissanite engagement rings are becoming more and more popular and now it’s the first choice for young couples who are planning for a wonderful and unforgettable wedding in a limit budget. Diamond ring would definitely over the budget if they want the diamond to be “visible”.

    In this case, the better option of Moissanite ring is by mixing the diamonds as side stones, which would make the whole ring more brilliant and even the couples themselves a sweet idea. The “hybrid” ring is as stunning as a whole diamond ring, with ever-lasting glitter and fire. The most important point is the much more affordable price.

    Excellent Quality

    If it’s only in price aspect, you might think, cubic zircon or Swarovski seems more competitive, right? But if you compare the excellent with Moissanite and other stones, you can never accept any except Moissanite as a substitute of diamond, which is even be called as Moissanite diamonds. When you look to the durability only, you can find that Moissanite is called as forever brilliant stone, the reason is from its hardness, which is only second to diamond. The extremely advanced hardness of the stone makes it possible for ever-lasting quality, which is worth you invest your limit budget on.

    Various Shapes

    Like diamond, Moissanite is now available in different kind of cutting, inlcuding round, heart, oval, cushion, radiant and trillion etc., to meet the growing need of Moissanite jewelry. What's more, though Moissanite is hard enough to maintain the ever-lasting quality, it is much more easier to be made into various shapes compared to diamond. It brings a lot of possibility of the various designing styles for Moissanite engagement rings, pendants as well as Moissanite earrings.

    If you are still doubt about whether you should have Moissainte rings, you can go and check esdomera.com, which includes hundreds of fashion jewelry designs from classic, romantic to vintage and antique. All rings and items are available in solid gold or platinum, in relatively affordable price, where should be you first choice of Moissanite jewelry.