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Esdomera is a designer brand founded by young generation of jewelry designers, as an international jewelry company, we have offices and operating centers in US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong China. Hangzhou China.Jewelry craftsmen/ artisans from us have worked for 20 years in jewelry manufacturing industry, all items in our lists are hand made fine jewelry. By offering you masterpiece of fine jewelry, we offer affordable prices, about 1/3 of the jewelry store, directly from factory, which you can find nowhere else except here. We are your personal jewelry designer as well as your fashion consultant.  




It's all begins with the founder's simple dream: create his own brand of jewelry, to combine with fashion & fine jewelry, making fine jewelry in more fashion design with affordable price. In June, 2013, Calvin founded Esdomera brand, as talent designer and internet entrepreneur, Calvin brought to life all of his passion for fashion, and dedication to a basic belief that there was a lack of imaginatively designed and exquisite workmanship products with very attractive prices for new generation consumer. Redressing this imbalance, Esdomera's vision is committed to "Affordable Exquisite Fashion," The soul and design concept of Esdomera compromises the merits of modern and classical style, ethnic flavor and international fashion trends. In addition to Esdomera own design exquisite collections, Calvin had been worked with world's top designers from New York, London, Paris, Milan etc., and continue to launch their outstanding designer works. Esdomera's Unique design and exquisite workmanship that does not mean high prices, Esdomera has established a wide range excellent manufacturer from China, Thailand, India and other countries, bringing a new way to buy fashion items: cutting out the fuss so you can get high quality fashion pieces at affordable price.



Two years ago, Calvin decided to do something revolutionary to the jewelry industry as well as to ordinary people's lives. As we all know, most material & stones we used for jewelry is precious from mine, opening which is influencing our environment heavily. For example, diamond mines in South Africa has brought up conflicts and battles for local area for many years. Even though more and more jewelry merchant boast that they are using "conflict free diamonds", the fact is that where diamond mines are, the conflicts never ends. Thus, finding something more eco-friendly and sustainable for jewelry is more important for the development of the jewelry industry as well as the globe. Then we found Moissanite (silicon carbide), which was discovered by Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteor crater located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, in 1893. Now Moissanite is able to be synthetic in laboratory, which is the best alternative to natural diamond, with almost same hardness and even more brilliance than natural diamond under light. We are now having our own brand of Moissanite by cooperating with top laboratory on producing and improving the colorless and flawless gemstone - the most brilliant gemstone in the planet. Our dream is to promote and educate our colorless and flawless Moissanite gemstone to the world by working together with our unique idea design, making it common used in jewelry industry.


"Forever Lasting, Conflict Free &Valuable Pieces of Jewelry, all that you get from us, is a lifetime companion. "----- Esdomera - Ethically Sourced


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