3 Ways to Maintain Moissanite Jewelry

3 Ways to Maintain Moissanite Jewelry - Esdomera
Where does Moissanite Came from?

Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor that crashed in Canyon Diablo, Arizona in thousands of years ago. Dr. Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan, a French scientist came up with the sparkling stone when he was doing researching on the samples from the meteor crater in 1893. Due to his discovery , the stone is named as Moissanite in 1905. Since natural Moissanite is a absolute rarity, which is not able to see the second time, gemstone specialists figure out a way to synthesized man made Moissanite.

Moissanite Jewelry Maintanace

Since more and more people tend to buy Moissanite engagement rings instead of diamond one in unaffordable price, cleaning Moissanite jewelry become a hot discussing topic.

1. Generally speaking, the easiest way is to clean it after immersing it in warm water with mild liquid detergent for minutes first. Then use a soft brush to clean dirt between the stone and the setting. Finally, wash it in fresh water and dry it with a dry cloth.

2. A more professional way, you can adopt some convenient commercial jewelry cleaning methods. Since Moissanite is totally safe under the ultrasonic cleaner but the cleaning liquid must not based on acid one. So, if the Moissanite is not cracked or scratched, a local jeweler can help to remove dirt that accumulates from oil or other liquid dirt.

3. But most importantly, to keep your Moissanite ring from scratching or mashing by accident, take it off while you are touching any harsh chemicals or in some situations that it could be  crashed or be scratched. What’s more, please never ever expose it to chlorine.

If you own a Moissanite ring, Moissanite earrings or even Moissanite pendants, do not forget to main it like a diamond one. Keep it gently because it come and last as you vowed to your other half – love would be forever and ever by your side, as the Moissanite Jewelry do.