About Esdomera Moissanite

About Moissanite

Mineral moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteor crater located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, in 1893. At first, he mistakenly identified the crystals as diamonds, but in 1904 he identified the crystals as silicon carbide. Artificial silicon carbide had been synthesized in the lab by Edward G. Acheson just two years prior to Moissan's discovery.

The mineral form of silicon carbide was named moissanite in honor of Moissan later on in his life. The discovery in the Canyon Diablo meteorite and other places was challenged for a long time as carborundum contamination from man-made abrasive tools. Since then, Moissanite was researched and used in jewelry industry from 1990's when it's found quite brilliant and shiny, as an alternive to expensive mined diamond. Moissanite gained its reputation during the last decade after it went into the fine jewelry industry, with 1/10 the price of same level of natural diamond. In recent years, due to its eco-friendly way of production as well as the romantic concept of it's outspace source, more and more consumers especially the younger generation of bride and grooms, have taken Moissanite into consideration as their first choice of wedding jewelry gemstone.


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Esdomera's Promise & Warranty

Dedicated to offering environmentally and ethically responsible choices in the fine jewelry industry, Esdomera got its first reputation from 2014 when they launce their first batch of Color DEF Moissanite.

We have been cooperating with at least 10 gemstone laboratories who has experienced in making moissanite for years and have spent this time tirelessly refining the way we produce this beautiful, man-made gemstone.
From every step of manufacturing Moissanite to enhanced the quality of the crystals, we have professional teams strict rules when choosing cooperation partners. All Esdomera Moissanites can go through thermal diamond tester, and every piece can reach a level of color DEF and VVS1, with 3EX standard cutting.

Esdomera promise that we'll never make Moissanites lower than color EF, needless to say color GH or off-white. Esdomera Moissanite is the epitome of created moissanite. It's formed from a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide and was previously only offered in one grade, colorless. Our new, near-colorless grade gemstone is also cut from this same high quality material, ensuring that no matter what Esdomera Moissanite grade you choose, your stone will be more brilliant than any other gemstone.

Every Esdomera created gem is guaranteed to remain as beautiful as the day you bought it. Whether for an engagement ring, Mother’s Day present, or a gift to yourself — it comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against damage to the stone and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance.




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