7 Reasons to Choose Moissanite Jewelry

7 Reasons to Choose Moissanite Jewelry - Esdomera

Moissanite is an amazing gemstone second to diamond, since it’s undetectable by most diamond testers, except that one specified for Moissanite examine. More and more people preferred to buy Moissanite rings because it is even more brilliant in color and clarity when compared to a diamond of equal level of clarity and color. Some people even enjoy the “wow” comments from their friends when they know they can get such a stone in such an affordable price. But that’s is not the only reason for buying Moissanite, below is more you can find:


1.Moissanite is more Affordable than a Diamond

If you are looking for stunning engagement ring, wedding set, then you’ve must been doing some researches about diamond prices, for which you can see is very expensive because the rarity of this stunning stone. If you are looking for diamonds bigger than 1 carat or 2 carat, you are extremely sure what we are talking about. What’s more, color, clarity and cutting might drive you nuts If you are buying it for the first time.

However, we are having a wedding, house and family issues leave us a certain budget, which might not afford a stunning diamond in decent size. Moissanite would be your first choice. It’s less expensive, mostly 1/10 the price of real diamonds, inlayed in solid gold, in good condition and stunning look for a life time. If we are keeping these rings are self-use only, Moissanite can definitely fit our request and help us to save money in the mean time.

That’s always the first reason when people are considering Moissanite engagement rings.


2.Moissanite is as Brilliant as a Diamond, or even more Brilliant.

As we know Moissanite owns a very high refraction and dispersion, it demonstrates more brilliance and fire than a diamond as a result. Most people can’t even tell the differences between Moissanite and real diamond. Needless to say those other diamond simulants such as cubic zircon.


3.Moissanite is Forever Durable as Diamond.

Generally speaking, some diamond simulants are not endurable because of the low hardness than real diamond. However, Moissanite(9.25) is only second to a diamond in hardness of 10, which make this stunning gemstone as forever brilliant as a diamond do. Those Cubic Zircons are much more softer when compare to Moissanite, which would fade out in long term wearing. This is the definite advantage of buying a Moissanite rings.


3.Moissanite is Test Positive by Thermal Diamond/ Hard to be Judged as Moissanite.

Honestly speaking, one of the reason that most people buying Moissanite as their wedding or engagement jewelry is because of its similarity to natural diamond. Diamond was advertised and convinced by most people as the symbol of love and eternity. Actually now you have another affordable choice of having this symbol by paying less to Moissanite. Moissanite is test positive by thermal diamond tester, because of its best conductivity as well as supreme hardness. So mostly even jewelers can't judged it as Moissanite.


5.Moissanite is Eco-friendly and Sustainable.

As we all know that, diamond is a rare natural resources which is unsustainable. Natural resources are limited, with over-mining actions going on, diamonds will be run out. So nowadays, more and more young people would like to buy man-made or lab created diamonds or gemstones. Moissanite was discover in meteorite as a natural material from our space, but it's not existed in earth before. Scientist made it in lab later. So generally speaking, Moissanite is man made, which is sustainable and more eco-friendly which will not do harm to your environmentalist.


6.Moissanite is Conflict-free

As we read from news or TV shows, that diamond mining countries from other half of the world, there're many regional conflicts or battles. People are fighting each other to get more profits from diamond mines, so diamond is sometimes descibed as blooding stone as well. Now more and more people would like to buy conflict-free diamond instead even if they would pay higher fees. Moissanite, however, is free of conflicts at all. It's also a good reason to choose.


7. Romantic Symbol - Gemstone from the Star

Moissanite was first discovered by scientist in Arizona, US in a meteorites. It's natural material from outer space, or we can call it from "stars", which is always a symbol of love and romance. Choosing Moissanite is kind of romantic when you make it as jewelry for your other half or lover.


With all the above reasons, that you can find why more and more people are attend to buy Moissanite jewelry instead of real diamond ones. Although, Moissanite is still not as perfect as the diamond did, but every coin has two sides, that you can balance all the advantages and disadvantages of Moissanite then make the right choice. Generally speaking, if you are looking for affordable, stunning and forever brilliant jewelry, Moissanite would be the best choice and you’ll never regret.