Christmas 2019: Latest Collection of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Christmas 2019: Latest Collection of Moissanite Engagement Rings - Esdomera


Moissanite Engagement Rings are resistant to scratches and abrasions and render a bright appearance.

You have found the perfect companion with whom you are planning to settle down. Now you are getting ready for the engagement. All you need at this stage is the perfect ring for this occasion. A lot of pressure is involved in the decision-making process of rings. This accessory expresses your feelings for each other and is a symbol of love. The latest buzz doing the rounds in the jewelry industry is Moissanite. In recent times it has managed to replace diamond in many cases, especially concerning wedding bands and even engagement rings.

Develop an understanding

The rings made from Moissanite are almost as hard as diamond. This mineral was discovered within the crater of a meteor. It was a geologist who was going through rock samples when he identified these crystals as silicon carbide. You should take appropriate steps to choose a ring which you are going to cherish for a long time. Esdomera Moissanite Engagement Rings are available in hundreds of styles ranging from classic to modern. Keep the following tips while choosing such rings.

1.Ethical choice

In the laboratories nowadays, synthetic Moissanite is produced, and the characteristics of this gem are, in many cases, are superior to their natural counterparts. Moissanite Engagement Rings can last for an extended period. When you have decided to buy this mineral, then you are making a conscious choice of going in for a sustainable gemstone. It is this choice of material that is helping in the reduction of negative impact on the globe.

2.Strength of character

It is time to analyze the factors that generally drive couples to opt for Moissanite rings. The non-traditional nature or sustainable feature may have been the driving forces that have contributed to the growth of the popularity of this mineral. It is also friendly on the pocket. So the cost-effective aspect is another factor which makes these accessories all the more alluring. Just as you are acting as a socially responsible individual by exercising this choice in the same way, Moissanite rings have their unique characteristics.

3.Consideration of color

This mineral is available in three colors, namely colorless, near colorless, and some that come in light hues of color. The color grading scale of this mineral is based on the diamond color grading scale. The additional sparkle is derived from the colorless range, whereas you will be able to obtain an icy hue from the near-colorless ones. Irrespective of your choice with time, the color of this mineral will not show signs of fading.

4.Budgetary aspect

Comparisons are often drawn between diamonds and Moissanite. It is the pricing structure that the consumers have in mind while making jewelry purchases. The price of diamond rings varies based on the cut and clarity. In the same way, the cost of Moissanite rings is dependent on the quality of the stone as well as the size.

Making a prudent choice

You should conduct an intensive study on the net before concluding a specific jewelry designer. Read the reviews on the designer before finalizing your selection.