Customers' Feedbacks of Moissanite Jewelry

Customers' Feedbacks of Moissanite Jewelry - Esdomera
How do you think about Moissanite?

Moissanite is getting more and more popular, which also make it more controversial as a substitute of diamond jewelry. Moissanite vs Diamond is very hot as a topic about the discussion between these two stones. In some markets, Moissanite is even regarded as “fake” diamond, which is welcomed by diamond jeweler, for the sake of Moissanite’s being a challenge of diamond jewelry. Now let’s get down to some reviews from customers who had Moissanite Jewelry.

Few months ago, I wanted a Moissanite engagement ring when I first came up with them online, but I had never seen it in real. Surprisingly, this Christmas my husband gave me a Moissanite ring and I really love it! I was just the same as description that it’s so pretty even more shiny than a diamond does.

Since I've seen it and now sure that it looks great and I will definitely having my wedding sets made of Moissanite. But one thing I need to had read about the greenish tint, I’ve heard before that Moissanite would somehow has greenish tint, and I guess if you look carefully at it in dull light it has a very slight tint. Frankly, I couldn't stop staring on it and shining it under the light when I receive it.

The price is definitely affordable as well, which my first reason to buy because I think buying diamond jewelry is kind of ridiculous. For example, my Moissanite ring, which is a 0.5 carat Moissanite one, cost me $295 and would have cost over $1000 for a diamond instead.

I know might look like having a ads here, but honestly I just love this stone. I didn't really want a real diamond, for a few different reasons, but I did like the look of diamond. So thrilling when I knew about Moissanite and now that I finally own one which I just love it!

I have Moissanite jewelry, and have been looking in to Moissanite engagement rings. I would like to say that even Moissnaite has different phase of development. Moissanite has been manufacturing for years and early Moissanite did have a green tint, but now near colorless diamonds comparable to general diamonds. I really love it when my boy friend first got me Moissanite because of my obsession with superman and smallville. That it was first found in meteor craters just like having my very own kryptonite. For me, it means more than diamonds.

Before I purchased my Moissanite earrings, I contacted with two companies which sell Moissanite jewelry and they answered a lot of my questions! I also found that one of them,, is having more styles of Moissanite Jewelry from engagement rings to earrings! They told me that all side diamonds of their Moissanite rings are made of real diamond to combine with Moissanite, which makes the jewelry more shiny and much more like a whole diamond item. In this case, why should I pay more for a whole diamond item which is the same sparkle? Silly! But that's just my opinion.

When the item finally come to me, I was “wow” astonished, because I’ve never seen such a beautiful piece of jewelry like this!!! Even without light in dark, the earrings shine perfectly and which also confirmed my mind that I would never be regretted when I decided to have “Moissanite diamonds”.