How to choose affordable diamond alternatives?

How to choose affordable diamond alternatives? - Esdomera

In 1893, when Dr. Henri Moissan was examining samples of meteor that came from outer space thousands of years ago, he first discover a little crystal gem. At first he regarded this new mineral gemstone as diamond which is absolutely similar to a diamond no matter in appearance and physical performance. It was later proved and named as Moissanite in honor of his name. 

Due to its supreme hardness, Moissanite was first applied in industrial field instead of jewelry field. It was since 1995, a Moissanite supplier have it patented and introduced it to jewelry market. It can be created in bigger size with excellent brilliance and color. After that, as year goes by, Moissanite gain more and more popularity as a gemstone in alternative to diamond. Now more and more people have Moissanite rings as their first choice of Moissanite engagement rings, Moissanite wedding set, Moissanite earrings, which is even being popular among celebrities in recent years. As you can find Moissanite jewelry anywhere online, offline and some of your friends are even wearing them. Generally speaking, the popularity of Moissanite can be attribute to the following reasons: 

Amazing Features Similar to Diamond 

As it’s known to most of us, Moissanite jewelry is regarded as an alternative to diamond jewelry, which has similar features as diamond jewelry do. Though it was first regarded as “diamond simulant”, but it can be much more to it, than other simulated diamond can’t do. For example, Moissanite was shinning like a real diamond with perfect brilliance and fire which is almost the same or even more than same as real diamond, but other simulated diamonds such as cubic zircon or Swarovski would be recognized by the first site, due to its “fake” brilliance.


Supreme Hardness & Durability 

Another reason of Moissanite rings are being more and more popular, same feature as diamond rings, are a symbol of eternal love. The hardness of Moissanite makes it only second to diamond in nature world, which would make it shiny forever and ever. The durability is under more and more praised especially as an advertisement strategy.


Affordable Price for Carat Weight 

If you were wondering, why people are crazy about a diamond similar stone? You need to look as diamond’s exaggerating price would you make you bankruptcy by getting a carat weight diamond jewelry. However, the brilliant gemstone Moissanite can fulfill your carat dream by affordable which is nearly 1/10 of a real diamond does.


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