How to Tell the Difference from Moissanite and Diamond?

How to Tell the Difference from Moissanite and Diamond? - Esdomera

What would be Forever Brilliant?

It was diamond, now Moissanite should be counted as one.

Many people might have misunderstandings about Moissanite as diamond stimulant. Actually, Moissanite is a lab grown gemstone which is quite similar to diamond in both appearance and quality. It’s quite difficult to distinguish Moissanite from diamond, even for skilled jewelers, it’s not easy to do so by naked eyes. These features of Moissanite have become some tricks of cheater who had successfully mix Moissanite between diamonds or even sell Moissanite instead of diamond of same price!! Moissanite vs Diamond is always a quesiotn, because most people, even some jeweler with a thermal diamond tester, were failed to distinguish them out!!

It seems unbelievable. However, how can we recognized those Moissanite ring or Moissanite Earrings from diamond ones? Since though Moissanite is not bad gem for jewelry accessories, it’s totally different from price of diamond. To protect us from trick of Moissanite replacement of diamond is important, even we tend to buy Moissanite instead of diamond. Today, right here, we’ll offer you several practical methods to recognize these two different kinds of stone.


Differ from light--
Put the stone in front of the light beam, then check the light emitted by the stone. Moissanite will reflect a rainbow (several colors) when the light is refracted and a diamond will reflect white light.

Differ from facets–
Put the stone under the loupe, then scan the stone from the top, or crown, then down to the bottom, or pavilion. Moissanite is of "doubling" quality in which the facets of the Moissanite will appear to be doubled. However, the facets of diamond, on contrary, will turn up.

Differ from girdle--
Put the stone under the loupe again, but check the girdle of the stone this time. “Girdle” is the edge that goes around the outside of the stone under the top. As for a diamond, the girdle of which mostly would be unpolished, but the girdle of Moissanite will be polished always, on the other hand.

Differ from certificate–
This is the best and most authoritative way of examine, which we called as gemological certificate. A GIA or EGL certificates are for diamonds only from laboratories, whereas a Moissanite will never, if yes, it’s fake. Moissanite would mostly come with certificates from its manufacturers only, which has not been proved by GIA Labs.