Is moonstone good for an engagement ring?

Is moonstone good for an engagement ring? - Esdomera

Yes, Moonstone is an excellent choice for an engagement ring due to its unique beauty, symbolism, and affordability compared to traditional diamonds.

Moonstone's Beauty and Uniqueness

History of Moonstone use in the jewelry design during the Art Nouveau Era

Any stone has its story. Some histories are lost in the past while others are still widely known. Moonstone has a beautiful stone related to various people’s beliefs and lifestyles. Each era based on different epochs of history has shared some similar lines and depicted moonstone in the same or different light. The Art Nouveau era is typically defined as the late 19th and early 20th centuries when such natural and wavy motifs characterized the art as it has never been used before.

During the Art Nouveau epoch, artisans were fascinated with the ethereal beauty of moonstone and incorporated it into tracery designs. The variety of smooth lines and natural motifs was widely accepted, and the mystery and romance of Moonstone were often portrayed in the works of Art Nouveau jewelry makers.

Feature that makes the gemstone distinguishable

Most of all, I believe that the unique play of color, called adularescence, is the distinguishing feature of the moonstone. It is described as a glowing sheen on the surface of the stone that changes as the stone is moved in shifting light. I consider it to make this stone exceptionally beautiful and valuable, and I have not observed such a feature in other types of gemstones. In addition, one more interesting fact about the moonstone is that it can be of various colors, including milky white, peach, gray, and its blue version, of course, which makes the stone unique and easily adaptive for different types of jewelry. Finally, the most important characteristic is that the moonstone is translucent, making it look softer as compared to any transparent precious stone, such as diamond or sapphire that looks more dense.

Why Moonstone Should Be Used as an Engagement or Wedding Ring

The moonstone has been utilized as a superb symbol of love and fertility for many millennia now. Therefore, this particular implication encourages the notion of the moonstone as the exquisite material for an engagement or wedding ring. The first reason is the historical one, as people believed in the moonstone properties. Specifically, wearing this gemstone, as people suspected, made marital relationships more harmonious. Moonstone supposedly made people more balanced, and, as a result, relationships between individuals gained in peace and stability. In the present, moonstone is significant in the capacity of a redolent and sensual substance between the partners. The second reason is that moonstone is really far less expensive than diamond or other precious gem stones, which is why it is more convenient to the partners in financial terms as well. The style and appearance of the ring are also impressive.



Pros and Cons of Moonstone Engagement Rings

Unique and One-of-a-Kind Look

Moonstone engagement rings offer a unique and one-of-a-kind look that sets them apart from traditional diamond rings. Each moonstone possesses its own distinctive play of color, making every ring truly unique. This individuality appeals to couples seeking a non-traditional, personalized symbol of their love.

Suited to Every Aesthetic and Budget

Moonstone engagement rings come in a variety of designs and styles, making them suitable for every aesthetic preference. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired setting or a modern, minimalist design, there's a moonstone ring to match your taste. Additionally, moonstone rings are often more affordable than diamond rings, allowing couples to find the perfect ring within their budget.

Eco-Friendly Options Possible

If you are an eco-friendly person, you might go for a moonstone engagement ring. Moonstones are typically mined using a low-impact method, which makes it not as harmful to the environment as diamond mining. Besides, jewelers typically offer an eco-alternative to such rings such as ethically sourced and recycled precious metals.

Higher Risk of Scratching and Chipping

Moonstone, while offering a unique beauty for an engagement ring, is generally less durable than stronger stones, such as diamonds. It is lower on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that it has a higher risk of scratching and chipping with everyday wear. Couples should keep this in mind and be especially careful and attentive with their moonstone rings.

What to Look for in a Moonstone Engagement Ring Best

Metals and Settings for Moonstone.

When picking out a metal for your moonstone engagement ring, consider picking out a sterling silver, white gold, or rose gold. The soft look and dreamy appearance of moonstone will be accentuated by the metals. Moreover, the settings are durable, keeping the stone secure in place. Examples of the best settings for moonstones include bezel and prong settings. They keep the moonstone in place while letting light be passed to show off the moonstone’s glow.

Variations of Color in Moonstones.

Be sure to pick the right color or shade of a moonstone that best matches your personality or the personality of your partner. Some moonstones display a play of color, and they are the ones to consider. Some examples of varying color or shades of moonstones include milky white, peach, gray, and blue. Other moonstones display more than a single color of a play. Check the color that you think best complements your skin when shopping for an engagement ring.

The Average Price of Moonstone Engagement Rings

The average price of a moonstone engagement ring will depend on the size and the quality of the gemstone. On average, the cost of such a piece will range from $60 to $1500. Although it can be affected by a number of factors, in general, this type of ring will be a more affordable option compared to similar pieces containing diamonds. In addition, this type of ring is actually quite expensive if you consider purchasing a perfect or a rare moonstone.

Where to Buy?

To buy a high-quality moonstone engagement ring, you can visit Esdomera shop. Most of the rings found at the shop are made by artisans out of eco-friendly materials. Some people might prefer the more modest designs, whereas others will enjoy ornate vintage pieces with intricate designs.

How to Take Care of Your Moonstone Engagement Ring

Cleaning Your Moonstone Engagement Ring

To keep your moonstone engagement ring looking its best, try cleaning it using mild soap and warm water. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners can be used as they can destroy the stone’s delicate surface. To clean the ring, scrub it gently with a softly-bristled brush. Pay closer attention to the crevices, which may hide dirt and debris. Finally, rinse your ring thoroughly and pat it dry with a soft clean piece of cloth.

Taking Off Your Ring

Even though Moonstone is a relatively durable stone, it is still vulnerable to impact and pressure damage. It is easy to experience chipping and bending when you wear the bauble when doing strenuous activities including exercising, cleaning, and gardening. To keep it safe, always ensure that it is stored in a safe place.

Keep the Ring Properly to Avoid Scratches

In order not to scratch the moonstone on your engagement ring, make sure that you keep your ring in a soft cloth bag or a special box where you keep your other jewelry. When you store it, it is also important to keep it apart from other jewelry items that may scratch the stone. In addition, make sure that it stays out of direct sunlight and away from high or low temperatures. If you want to keep your ring in perfect condition, check if the stone is still solid and free of scratches and take your ring to a jeweler to make sure it is perfectly clean. Make sure that you also avoid excessive contact with jewelry cleaners and other chemicals as they make the stone brittle and eventually crash.