Moissanite Appears in Exhibition Show!

Moissanite Appears in Exhibition Show! - Esdomera

For the first time ever, at the 26th annual Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, NC, a showcase of Moissanite jewelry including Moissanite rings, Moissanite earrings, Moissanite bracelets, Moissanite pendants as well as Moissanite bridal sets. The collection of Moissanite jewelry is in pretty unique designs of antique, classic, fashion, luxurious as brilliant as diamond jewelry, or can we say, more brilliant than diamond once. The show up of Moissanite appeals thousands of visitors in the show, who were extremely interested in this gem after the elaboration of its education info.

By attending the big show, Moissanite jewelry is the first to show up in an exhibition, which symbolizes the Moissanite is widely accepted and welcomed as a unique lab grown gemstone that appeared in jewelry field in recent decades.  President and Chief Marketing Officer of the show, Dennis Reed said; “It’s always exciting to bring Moissanite jewelry to the exhibition that is a perfect match with the popularity.  It is a good timing and opportunity to educate thousands of women about the most brilliant gemstone in the world.”  

Some people may say, Moissanite is man-made diamond which is similar to zircon or other kinds of diamond simulant, that they may misunderstood by misled from some diamond jewelers. Because Moissanite is qualified gemstone in rarity that even under lab-grown, the quantity of Moissanite is limited and somehow as rare as a real diamond. Second, the eternity of Moissanite is much more beyond all kinds of diamond simulant can be compared to. What’s more, Moissanite is not marketed to diamond field or diamond simulant from the very beginning and it was accepted and recognized as a brilliant gemstone with eternity and different specifications from diamond.

Moissanite’s brilliant beauty and quality was first discovered in a rare meteor examination more than 110 years ago.  Discovered in 1893 by French Scientist, Dr. Henri Moissan (a Nobel Prize winner), Moissanite was first found in a meteor crater located in Arizona, which is rare enough and never been found before about this meterial.  However, these natural Moissanite stones were too small to applied in jewelry pieces. After almost a century, the advanced technology and craftsmanship make the lab-grown Moissanite possible and available nowadays in jewelry field, leading a new revolution of jewelry gemstones. In some specific markets, Moissanite is even called as “Moissanite diamond” as marketing strategy to embody the supreme quality of Moissanite.

Moissanite is becoming more and more popular in the fashion industry, which you can find it in the news, in newspapers, fashion forums, Moissanite is regarded as leading a new kind of lifestyle and trends when it worn by celebrities, executives, socially conscious women and even influential businessmen.

Having more info from, with hundreds of Moissanite jewelry in various designs, fashion styles and supreme quality.

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