Moissanite is Leading the New Jewelry Trend

Moissanite is Leading the New Jewelry Trend - Esdomera

In recent years, a new gemstone called Moissanite, or silicon carbide in gemology, which was discovered by Henri Mossain in 1893, is now getting more and more popular in jewelry world. It was first discovered as natural crystal in very small size in meteor from outer space tens of thousands of years ago. It was named as Moissanite in his honor, who won noble price from it. Later in 1995, Moissanite is successfully created and introduced to the jewelry field as an alternative to diamond jewelry.

Since that time, Moissanite is under highly regarded and concern about this wonderful gemstone that only second to diamond. You may wonder, why is Moissanite so popular which is just a “fake” diamond? But if you know exactly what Moissanite is, you would know Moissanite can be more than a diamond simulant.

First of all, Moissanite is the second hardest material in nature except diamond, which makes Moissanite as ever-lasting brilliant gemstone. It can even pass the test of diamond thermal tester, there’s no other stone like this expect diamond, that’s what we can easily tell Moissanite from those simulated diamonds such as cubic zircon and Swarovski.

Secondly, the brilliance of Moissanite rings even exceeds diamond, which sparkles 2.3 times of diamond rings. With better refractive index, the brilliance and value of Moissanite is high regarded much more than other diamond simulants. Thirdly, the feature of Moissanite, such as scratch resistance, heat resistance and stability to chemicals and physical changes also win Moissanite a lot of popularity and comments from specialists.

General speaking, the popularity of Moissanite is growing rapidly in recent year among women. By wearing Moissanite ring, they are the only one who know the truth – no one else could recognized the difference from Moissanite and diamond. What’s more, with more and more celebrities wearing and buying Moissanite jewelry, the Moissanite brand is being more and more well-known and acceptable for those who though Moissanite is “fake” diamond.

As a leading trend in current jewelry market, Moissanite wins its fame with various shapes, colors and excellent cutting, which is under eagerest needs especially when natural diamond is being more and more rare. Some people may say, Moissanite is a man made gemstone which could be easily obtained. That is totally not a fact about Moissanite, which is also very rare when it takes very long time to grown on lab that every year only limited amount are available for jewelry usage. The best part of Moissanite rings is that it comes with an affordable price, which would be 1/10 of same carat weight of diamond. The wonderful price and performance ratio make Moissanite more and more appealing as first choice for young couple who have limited budget but for life-time gift for their marriage and love.

How to Buy Moissanite Rings?

Unlike diamond rings, which most people are not tend to buy online, Moissanite is selling quite well on ecommerce websites. As it was reported, over 70% of Moissanite jewelry was selling online by thousands of jewelry merchants, some of them have been dedicated to Moissanite jewelry for years., a very popular and high commented Moissanite jewelry brand, was highly recommended by many customers. They offer discount and cheap Moissanite rings and other kinds of cheap Moissanite jewelry such as earrings, pendants etc., which also accept customization of Moissanite jewelry.

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