Tips for Repairing Moissanite Ring

Tips for Repairing Moissanite Ring - Esdomera
Moissanite, a rare gemstone grown in lab, originally came from meteor thousands of years ago, it’s now being applied in jewelry field. It was originally too small to use in jewelry application, however, it was finally researched and created by scientists. Due to Moissanite looks similar to diamond, it was regarded as simulated diamond by many people. However, in fact, it is more brilliant and durable than other gemstone such as rubies and sapphires. What’s more, its quality is supreme to some extent because of its extremely high hardness. Even though Moissanite is in high quality, some people might worry about the maintenance of Moissanite rings, now the following repairing tips are for your reference if you are planning to buy Moissanite jewelry.

1. Contact with the Moissanite seller in advanced, ask them about the warranty. Most sellers/merchants provide a life-long warranty of Moissanite, and free maintenance for general issues occurs to the ring you are buying. If the ring turns cloudy or its appearance is altered from its original state. In a case like that, you can get a free replacement or repairmen when it happens;

2. Before you buy Moissanite jewelry, please check if the merchant provide you authentic blue card certificate which is authorized by Moissanite manufacturer. Only when you can have an authentic certificate, you can make sure that your Moissanite jewelry would be possibly real Moissanite with life performance of brilliance.

3. Go to jewelry counter or examination center when you get Moissanite rings at the first time, which would have a rough test for your piece of Moissanite ring. Mostly, the place with a simple test could be somewhere you can get a basic repair. If the test result proves positively, you don’t need to worry about it, otherwise, you need to return back or ask the merchant for a test result from authorized examination center.

Most importantly, finding a qualified Moissanite specialized merchant would be the first thing to do when you are planning to buy Moissanite rings., a qualified manufacturer and famous merchant in Moissanite jewelry field, who is not only providing cheap Moissanite rings but also provide perfect services and life-time warranty for Moissanite jewelry.