Tips of Buying Moissanite Jewelry

Tips of Buying Moissanite Jewelry
Tips of Buying Moissanite Jewelry

Moissanite, which is also called silicon carbide or carbon silicide in gemology field, is a kind of synthetic lab grown gemstone. It was created for chemical and industrial application at the first beginning, then it was crazily welcomed by jewelry merchants. Generally speaking, the reason why Moissanite is getting more and more popular is due to its similarity to a diamond in both hardness and brilliance. It is often regarded as the best diamond substitute in jewelry field, at a substantially lower cost than diamonds, affordable and high performance ratio.

Who Manufactures Moissanite?

Moissanite was introduced to the jewelry market in 1998. A US company “Charles & Colvard” is patented as Moissanite manufacturer, also dedicated in marketing and distribution of Moissanite jewelry. Moissanite, also called by its gemology name, silicon carbide (SiC), is a rare mineral originally found in meteors. Since then, Moissanite is created and marketed to the jewelry field as a new jewelry category with a unique business opportunity, which is under consideration of more and more famous jewelry brands.

As other jewelry piece, the production of Moissanite is under different phases of development. At the earlier stage, Moissanite is recognize by its greenish tint which is under amazing development after several years of development. Now you can find the general Moissanite is such a brilliant cut, color and clarity, which is more and more closed to diamond. What’s a new series of Moissanite is now introduced to marketed, called as “Forever & Brilliant” series. In a long term, the future appearance of new series Moissanite would probably end up the discussion of “moissanite vs diamond”.

How to Buy Moissanite Jewelry?

Moissanite is set into all kinds of jewelry including Moissanite rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Moissanite is increasingly used in engagement and wedding rings. Basically, Moissanite jewelry can be purchased at local jewelry retail stores, department stores with jewelry departments and online jewelry website. As a leading and professional manufacturer in jewelry field, is one of the best reseller of Moissanite jewelry, with hundreds of Moissanite engagement rings, wedding set, Moissanite earrings, Moissanite pendants in various styles of design, such as halo, vintage/antique, solitaire.
All items are crafted by hands of experienced craftsmen, available in 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum, with 100% positive feedbacks.

Mostly you can search online in some e-commerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Overstock, as well as Aliexpress, but you can also choose some famed Moissanite official site like Charles & Colvard or Esdomera.

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