What is the best substitute of diamond?

What is the best substitute of diamond? - Esdomera

Have you ever been searching for diamond rings or jewelry, but finally gave up due to the unaffordable price? Most people had this kind of experience, finally going away from diamond jewelry to look for some diamond simulant jewelry, such as Swarovski or cubic zircon. However, if you do so, you should have a better choice, that is Moissanite – a lab grown gemstone which is the best alternative to diamond.

Though it might cause a misconception that Moissanite is a fake diamond or diamond simulant as cubic zircon. Actually, Moissanite its own value have been exceeded the value of diamond stimulants, which you can easily tell from its shinning outlook and eternal quality. The most unbelievable thing when you first meet Moissanite ring is that, you can never tell it from eyes, even by simple tools. The hardness of Moissanite is second to diamond only, which makes it possible for eternal brilliance.

Affordable Price

Moissanite engagement rings are becoming more and more popular and now it’s the first choice for young couples who are planning for a wonderful and unforgettable wedding in a limit budget. Diamond ring would definitely over the budget if they want the diamond to be “visible”.

In this case, the better option of Moissanite ring is by mixing the diamonds as side stones, which would make the whole ring more brilliant and even the couples themselves a sweet idea. The “hybrid” ring is as stunning as a whole diamond ring, with ever-lasting glitter and fire. The most important point is the much more affordable price.

Excellent Quality

If it’s only in price aspect, you might think, cubic zircon or Swarovski seems more competitive, right? But if you compare the excellent with Moissanite and other stones, you can never accept any except Moissanite as a substitute of diamond, which is even be called as Moissanite diamonds. When you look to the durability only, you can find that Moissanite is called as forever brilliant stone, the reason is from its hardness, which is only second to diamond. The extremely advanced hardness of the stone makes it possible for ever-lasting quality, which is worth you invest your limit budget on.

Various Shapes

Like diamond, Moissanite is now available in different kind of cutting, inlcuding round, heart, oval, cushion, radiant and trillion etc., to meet the growing need of Moissanite jewelry. What's more, though Moissanite is hard enough to maintain the ever-lasting quality, it is much more easier to be made into various shapes compared to diamond. It brings a lot of possibility of the various designing styles for Moissanite engagement rings, pendants as well as Moissanite earrings.

If you are still doubt about whether you should have Moissainte rings, you can go and check esdomera.com, which includes hundreds of fashion jewelry designs from classic, romantic to vintage and antique. All rings and items are available in solid gold or platinum, in relatively affordable price, where should be you first choice of Moissanite jewelry.